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Chess is a game that can be learned at any age as well as a game that can be played by players of all ages. However, considering the mental development of children, the importance of starting chess at an early age is clear. The primary purpose of the chess lessons given in our school is to introduce the child to chess by taking advantage of the appeal of chess figures and the theme of chess in the eyes of the child. The education, which starts with the understanding of the game, continues with the giving of new ones as the given ones are taken. In this way, our students learn to act in a planned manner, to focus their attention better on a subject, to learn discipline and struggle, and spend an enjoyable class hour.


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Social Benefits 
• Brings team spirit. < br>• Teaches cooperation and sharing within the team. 
• Learns to obey the limits and rules as a result of following the rules of the game. 
• Provides the development and effective use of communication skills. 
• Problem solving ability develops. 
• Teaches the sense of competition and respect for the opponent. 
• Provides self-confidence and develops a sense of responsibility. 

Physical and Athletic Benefits 
• It enables children to develop their sportive abilities. 
• It makes the body agile and flexible. 
• It increases the strength and endurance of the body.& nbsp;
• Provides the development of bones and muscles.