E-Learning is carried out on digital platforms with students and teachers. This training model is carried out online. In addition, the presence of video and sound during the training increases the quality one click. In this way, studies can be carried out to increase the learning speed thanks to instant question-answer. As British Culture Colleges, we continue our training by using e-learning in the most effective way during the pandemic process.  E-learning can also be defined as distance education.

Is E-Learning Useful?

With the development of technology, there have been innovations in many fields. Education is one of these areas. It can be said that forward-looking studies have been carried out in terms of education, especially during the pandemic process. It provides benefits in terms of creating an information network of dozens of people online in the same environment. Since it will be possible to talk to students via video in the system, which can be addressed to a wide audience, there is no information gap during the lesson. By continuing to give homework, subject reinforcement is provided. In addition, by providing control from the system, homework controls are easily done. A strong internet connection will be sufficient to log in to E-education platform. In this way, there will be no situations such as disconnection during the training phase. In addition, the program is suitable for use on tablets and some mobile devices. In this process, when there are points that are not understood at the end of the lesson, a one-to-one study is conducted with the students. It is suitable for A special study program is prepared for each class. The teacher of the course is in constant communication with the student. In this way, there is no communication breakdown. Online education programs are made with special programs. These programs must be downloaded by the teacher and the student. In order to enter the system, the course is entered with the user name and password given by the teacher. The only thing to be careful in this process is that the internet connection is not slow. Otherwise, there may be disconnections and slowdowns in the connection.  

E-Education Advantages

There are advantages of e-education, which is especially effective in recent years.  It provides a very important advantage in terms of time. There is no set time for the training. It gives an efficient learning space.  Access is instant and fast. It is possible to take courses in the desired environment and process. It eliminates the transportation costs found in the traditional education model. By providing these advantages, it enabled the pandemic process to be advanced effectively in terms of education. As British Cultural Colleges, we would like to state that if the education is perfect, it can be done successfully in every field.