Yüzme Spor Okulu
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Swimming is a necessary sport for physical health. Swimming is seen as superior to all other classical exercises in terms of calorie expenditure and muscle training, which works the muscles by resisting the power of the water. Swimming is important not only for physical health but also for mental and mental health. 
There is an increase in the self-confidence and success of people who make swimming a habit. Performing swimming sports regularly provides an increase in children's characteristics such as success, discipline and adaptation. 

The benefits of swimming; 
1. It is effective in bone problems 
2. Strengthens all muscles 
3. Increases flexibility 
4. Supports heart health 
5. Helps weight control 
6. It is good for asthma disease 
7. Balances cholesterol level 
8. It reduces the risk of diabetes 
9. Increases the oxygen uptake of the brain 
10. Improves general blood circulation 

We, as British Colleges of Culture, teach our students who attend our swimming courses at our swimming school not only to swim but also to be swimmers.