Yemek Hizmeti

In order to create a healthy environment during meals and to transform eating habits into a "correct nutrition" understanding, our meals are served by our food engineer by calculating the calories according to the needs of our children, who are in the developmental age, considering their age groups and developmental levels. 

At our school. Our kindergarten, kindergarten and 1st grade students are served breakfast, from 2nd to 4th grade milk/fruit juice and snacks, afternoon feeding for our students who stay in the study, and lunch for all our students. Our meals are prepared by our professional chefs in our school and served to our students in a warm home-cooked taste.

For our school management, healthy and balanced nutrition of our students is as sensitive as their education and training. For this reason, the foods consumed by our students at all meals are produced and served by a team of 12 people working within our school.

Food is presented to our students after passing through many control stages until they are ready for consumption.

Before entering our school's warehouse, raw materials are carefully checked in terms of date, temperature, packaging, appearance, odor and quantity, and are kept and used in our warehouses at appropriate temperatures and times.

Our food menus are planned according to the daily needs of our students.

During the production of the food, the necessary temperature, taste, odor and consistency are controlled and samples are taken to be stored for 72 hours.

The personnel in charge during the preparation and presentation of the food use bone, mask, arm cuffs and gloves to ensure the necessary hygiene

Dishes, on the other hand, are washed at high temperatures in our existing dishwashers to ensure the necessary hygiene conditions.

Eating The kitchen area, tables and chairs are carefully cleaned after each meal.

Reliable brands are preferred as the raw materials used directly affect the quality of the food.




For celiac students and staff at our school, gluten-free meals are produced under the control of our food engineer working in our cafeteria. All raw materials used in the production for celiac are provided gluten-free. All the materials used for this special production (pot, pan, oven, cutting board, etc.) are separate from the material used for the production of other dishes. The meals we produce for celiac students and staff are presented with orange table d'hôte so that they are not confused with other meals.