Kodlama Dersi
TRAININGS Coding Lesson

Scratch is a programming environment with a very simple interface designed for the use of primary school children developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the USA. Unlike traditional programming languages, the user can create animations, games and stories by clicking and dragging the desired functions with the mouse. Scratch has a colorful interface. In this way, it encourages children to create something new. Unlike programming languages, ready-made functions are easily put into use by categorizing them. In this way, the person who has just started programming can understand the algorithm door such as if, else, while, for. 

Millions of people create Scratch projects at home, at school, in museums, libraries and social centers.  Also, it enables the programming of robots integrated with Scratch, making these robots do certain tasks, and creating the basic thinking algorithm for the student's own robot design to be realized in the following processes. In this way, students fully unleash their creativity. Scratch forms the basis of robotic coding. The ability to code computer programs is an important part of literacy in today's society. When people learn to code with Scratch, they learn important strategies for solving problems, designing projects, and communicating ideas.