Rehberlik Hizmeti


The studies of our Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit, and all kinds of developmental, psychological and cognitive processes that may affect their academic performance, to implement preventive and supportive programs suitable for age development, and to create and implement necessary intervention plans when needed. There are some developmental tasks that individuals must accomplish in every period of their lives. The aim of the guidance assistance to be given at our school is to facilitate and support them in completing these development tasks successfully. 

Our primary goal in guidance services is to get to know all of our students closely with the work done. Then, taking into account the age development characteristics, it is to carry out preventive, developing and supportive studies for the areas where the students of the age group that it is responsible for will experience potential difficulties. Process-oriented studies are carried out with course observations, individual interviews, group and class activities, inventory applications and parent seminars. In the kindergarten and primary school process, we aim to achieve our goals in guidance studies; we can collect them in the form of sub-headings such as recognition, integration, teamwork, cooperation, sharing, winning/losing, positive leadership, communication skills, recognizing emotions and expressing them correctly. 

When it comes to children, school-family cooperation. It is located at the beginning of the steps we care about. In order to support cooperation, we reach our parents through individual parent meetings, parent seminars and bulletins at designated times. The Guidance Unit comes together with all the teachers at the level it is responsible for at specified time intervals. It exchanges information about students with relevant teachers, aims to determine the points of interest and need, and carries out supportive studies. 

An emotional, social, developmental, academic As a guidance service in BRITISH CULTURE COLLEGES, where the understanding of guidance is adopted; 
• Reliable tests and inventories are applied at every level of secondary school. (vocational choice inventory, problem screening inventory, reasons for failure questionnaire, learning styles) 
• Personal and social guidance is provided for students to establish healthier friendship relationships. 
• More effective and healthy parent-teacher relationships  
• Our newsletters, which contain informative articles and suggestions about the subject that we think will be good for our parents and students, are prepared meticulously every month. 
• Students' active participation in classes, exam performances, daily and Parents are informed about weekly study patterns, students' personal and social development, individual problems, and academic development. 
• With the K-12 NET application, the students' missing topics are determined according to the test results (KNOWLEDGE MAP), all the essays they enter A graphical comparison (DEVELOPMENT REPORT) of the student and the parent It is presented to his hand in a written report. 
• Studies are carried out to increase academic success by creating individual and group study programs. 
• Provides consultancy on test technique, time management, and coping with anxiety.  ;
• Our 7th grade students are informed about the exam they will take starting from the 2nd semester and they start to study for the exam. The number of questions determined together with the training coaches we determined at the beginning of the year for our students by assigning them weekly homework, the test results are evaluated by the measurement and evaluation unit. 
• Weekend LGS course program is organized for our 8th graders. It is aimed that our students will be fully prepared for the new generation questions and the exam system. 

• Our students are prepared for academic studies, assessment and evaluation practices, and the exam process. they are supported (in line with their own potential). 
• The studies carried out in our school are planned to increase the LGS and school success of our students. coding, time management, how to calculate the floor number of which course while preparing for the exam, what is the LGS exam system? It also informs parents and students on topics such as how the preference period goes. 
• Students are informed about exams throughout Turkey.and helps the students to calculate the percentile with their ranking in the Turkish graded exams. 
• Guides the parents to choose the best high school that can correspond to the student's score and percentile during the preference period. 
• After each trial exam Our school, which organizes an Evaluation Meeting, evaluates the studies on a subject-by-subject basis. 
• After each trial exam, it presents the teachers with reports with branch comparative course success charts. 
• Our students, teachers and parents are informed about the exam system and its changes. .