CORPORATE Vision mission


He has assimilated Atatürkist thought, is open to development and changes, can use the foreign languages ​​he has learned in daily life, aims at lifelong learning, has an analytical mindset, thinks scientifically, has high self-confidence is to be an educational institution that trains participatory individuals. 


Based on technological efficiency with our students, teachers and employees who are constantly open to innovation, Turkey To become an exemplary institution in Turkey.

• Loves to research, not memorizing, 
• Protects personal rights and freedoms, 
• Can stand on their own feet, 
• Able to fight hard in the face of difficulties, 
• Hardworking and responsible, 
• Speaks at least one foreign language perfectly, 
• Tech-savvy, 
• Scientific thinking , 
• One who does not accept any thought without questioning, 
• If others do not have rights, Knowing that they will not have any rights, 
• Intellectual enough to survive in every country of the world, 
• Respecting the traditions, values ​​and beliefs of the society in which they live, 
• Protecting their own values ​​and traditions,