Robotic & 3D Design
TRAININGS Robotics & 3D Design


Robotics aims to take the digital world out of a game or lesson tool for children and turn it into a tool for deeper understanding, productivity and learning. Children will no longer be the users of the software, but the masters. The apps allow them to perform coding and robotic programs on a robot, not virtual animations on the screen. Thus, the activities are done in the form of a game, not a lesson. With the programming of the robot, the lessons ignite confidence and curiosity, as well as provide fun ways to acquire the skills necessary for collaboration, communication and digital competence. The coding is visualized and the alienation of children is prevented as the commands are taken directly from the daily language. We are using TINKERCAD for 3D modeling in our coding and robot class. Tinkercad is a browser-based 3D design and modeling tool that anyone can easily use. Using Tinkercad, students can make many different designs such as toys, prototypes, home decor, Minecraft models, jewelry design, automobile design. The options are endless. Shapes are basic building objects in Tinkercad. They can import their own shapes or work with existing shapes. They freely move, rotate and adjust objects. All these processes enable the development of many high-level skills as well. Thus, by understanding the basic logic of 3D design, students develop the ability to look from the design window. Students create their own designs by printing out the 3D objects they design.